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    Coaching with Malia 'Lia Light'

    Learn how to connect with your true nature through mind, body and spirit,  balancing your polarities, setting your outer space to reflect your inner space and becoming your most present, vibrant self.


    Embark on the most intimate journey of deeply getting to know yourself and develop habits and rituals that will nourish your entire being.

      Guidance and Support


      Allow me to support you in transforming the way you work, feel and perceive life and empower you to live the way you have always wanted to.


      Malia is a certified Psycho-Spiritual Transformation & Psychedelic Integration Coach

      through Being True To You


      1. (5) Coaching Sessions  -  $800

      *5 x 1 hour coaching sessions (Zoom)

      *Kundalini yoga practices

      (Sessions to be used within 60 days)


      2. (3) Month Transformation Package  -  $800/ 3 monthly payments

      *4 x 1 hour coaching sessions (Zoom) per month

      * In between steady e-mail and text support

      *Kundalini yoga practices

      *Access to monthly subscription pre-recorded classes for 3 months (coming soon)

      *Personal welcome gift

      Work 1:1 with Malia

      Thanks for applying to work with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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