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Tantric Embodiment and Connection

Women’s Tantric Embodiment

Some of my most potent and important work includes bringing balance to the “yoni-verse” in providing the space for woman-kind to completely receive and embody her powerful divine feminine nature. Herbal tea and organic berries are offered upon arrival and micro-dosing is available by request. 

These sessions are for women who are working on connecting to their bodies on a deeper level, feeling beautiful in her skin, working through sexual trauma, releasing societal or religious shame and for women who want to explore safe, sacred pleasure in a guided, meditative, yogic container.


Sessions may include a variety of modalities, catered to the individual such as verbal guidance and support, meditation, transformational breathwork, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian hot stone massage, luxurious coconut milk and flower baths, homemade organic scrubs, sound healing, Kundalini yoga and sensory play. No two experiences are alike! 

Couple’s Connection

I have a passion for guiding couples in creating their most communicative and sensual bond and supporting a healthy, explorative connection in a sacred space. Herbal tea and organic berries are offered upon arrival. 

We will begin to create the safe and supportive container by discussing your intentions and desires prior to your session. We will communicate through e-mail and schedule a Zoom call beforehand so you and your beloved may ask any questions and become comfortable and look forward to your session with ease and curiosity.


We will enjoy a weaving of conversation, guided meditation, bonding and trust exercises, touch exploration, learning and sensory treats for all of the senses.    Each of you will have the opportunity to practice massage and touch techniques on one another and enjoy time fully receiving.



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