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Earth Goddess Retreat

May 2nd -May 5th  2024

Join us for a very special three night, four day retreat of connection, growth, embodiment and play! We will enjoy the most delicious organic delicacies, bond with our fellow sisters, practice kundalini yoga and tantric movement, breathwork, open our hearts in cacao ceremony, sound healing, music, dancing and more! We will be offering a cooking class, crafts and have plenty of time for reflecting and exploring outdoors and enjoying pool and hot tub time.

Goddess Retreat Memories

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Carissa, Intuitive Lunar Healing, CA

"I just had the most magical experience at the Moon Goddess Retreat. This retreat was a sacred space for rest, recovery and healing, allowing me to disconnect from the mundanes of life and reconnect with my soul.  I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to meet so many beautiful women who have inspired and uplifted me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Here's to the Moon Goddess Retreat - a truly transformative experience that has left me feeling blessed and recharged."

Savannah, Lawyer, CA

"The Goddess Retreat was truly a personal journey for me, and I cannot express my gratitude for such a beautiful  experience. This was my first ever retreat. It was a key part to my healing journey, as recently I have dealt with some very personal unfortunate losses. The Goddess Retreat was everything I did not know I needed: 13 other wonderful, powerful women, a beautiful location surrounded by nature, Kundalini yoga every day, sound baths and meditations, along with breathwork, plenty of time for enjoying the pool and hot tub and amazing organic all plant based meals prepared with love by Chef Michel.  I hydrated more than I ever have by drinking water all weekend and I slept amazing for the first time in a long time - I even willingly went on a hike and enjoyed it so much! I also just loved the down time, where we talked amongst each other, went in the hot tub, drank some hot tea at night by the moon surrounded by beauty and nature. I am so excited to incorporate all that I learned (a lot!) from the Goddess Retreat into my daily life, and so thankful for my new 13 Goddess Sisters. I loved every one of them, and definitely have a community of powerful, beautiful women I am comfortable with who are also on their own healing journeys, and seek continuous personal growth. This is everything I wished for and more, and I cannot wait for the next Goddess Retreat! "

Christina, Rocket Scientist (seriously), CA

"I recently attended a Kundalini yoga retreat in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains, and it was an incredible experience. The setting was serene and allowed for a deep connection with nature. Malia’s yoga sessions were transformative. The dreamy sound baths afterward carried me away into bliss.  What made this retreat even more special were the cooking tutorials. Chef Michel shared her expertise in preparing delicious, plant-based meals that were not only healthy but also a culinary delight.  Each meal was like eating a beautiful artistic masterpiece. It was a holistic experience that left me feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue my Kundalini practice and explore plant based cooking. Highly recommend!"

About the Facilitators

Meet The Facilitators

kundalini yoga instructor in Los Angeles

Malia Carvalho

Kundalini Yoga Guide & Sacred Ceremony Facilitator and Musician 

About Malia

Malia began her spiritual journey in 2015 when she swam with a pod of wild dolphins off the shore of Hawaii where her parents were born and raised. This experience began a whole journey of sacred plant medicine ceremony, yoga teacher training, kundalini yoga, finding her authentic voice, igniting music into her life again, learning and practicing the art of tantra and connecting in deep, expansive love with her feminine nature.

Since 2018 Malia has facilitated sacred ceremony with her husband and musical partner Danny Byrne at their space in the South Bay of Los Angeles. They also co-create other group retreats monthly in the mountains of San Diego with their mentor Lourdez of Healing Spirit Sanctuary, another seasoned facilitator and retreat leader.  


Malia guides weekly women's kundalini yoga classes and sound baths which include bowls, gongs, drums, soothing vocals, chimes and original music to which she accompanies herself with guitar. Additionally, she offers women's integrative healing sessions with her practice Mermaid Massage South Bay that include lomi lomi Hawaiian massage, Ayurvedic practices, breathwork, tantric embodiment for healing from trauma, sound healing and more.



Michel Franco

Private Personal Organic Chef

and magical "kitchen witch"!

About Michel

Meet Michel Franco, a highly skilled and innovative culinary expert based in Los Angeles. Born in Mexico, Michel learned to cook as the oldest of six children, taking on the responsibility of feeding her siblings while her parents worked. Her passion for cooking stems from a deep desire to love, care for others, and bring healing through food.


Guided by her great grandmother's expertise, Michel developed a profound appreciation for her culinary roots and the flavors of her heritage. As a teenager, she pursued her love for food in the United States, building relationships with clients from diverse backgrounds. Michel's exceptional culinary skills allow her to create extraordinary dishes from various cuisines, accommodating dietary restrictions and cultural influences. Her commitment to excellence drives her to continuously enhance her craft, delivering remarkable dining experiences.


Michel's creativity knows no bounds as she explores new flavors, techniques, and culinary trends. With meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail, she flawlessly executes events, leaving guests in awe. Michel's passion for her craft goes beyond taste and presentation. She prioritizes working with organic and healthy ingredients and can curate menus tailored to special diets. Cooking is her way of nurturing and connecting with people on a personal level.


In her remarkable culinary journey, Michel Franco has become a sought-after talent in the industry. Her exceptional attention to detail, compassion, and ethical values shine through in every dish she creates. From intimate gatherings to wellness retreats, Michel's dedication to perfection and her ability to exceed expectations make her a cherished chef. Her unwavering dedication, creativity, and the enduring love she pours into each culinary masterpiece tell a story of humble beginnings and remarkable success.


About the Cuisine

All organic, plant-based and vegetarian friendly made with mucho, mucho amor! Dietary restriction and allergy information will be collected and honored.


The Golden Dream Ranch Estate is a luxury ranch on 60 gated acres of private walking and hiking trails, majesty mountain backdrops and avocado orchards.  The property is near by, nestled in the Santa Monica mountains, yet far away from the city.

Get $200 off any room when you book before 01/01/2024!

 - Discount is reflected in "book now" and check out -

A $750 deposit per person is required at the time of booking. If you are sharing a room, the deposit is $750 per person. This deposit is non-refundable except in the case that we need to cancel or postpone the retreat. The balance is due by April 11th, three weeks prior to the beginning of the retreat. The balance may be paid via Zelle or PayPal or Credit Card.

You may e-mail regarding bookings and inquiries.

The Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change as we conjure up more inspiration and let the creative rivers flow.* 


September 28th

3-5pm Arrival & Settle In 

-pool/hot tub/relaxing time-

6:30 pm Welcome & Share Circle

7:30 pm Dinner

9pm Gentle Yoga & Sound Bath


September 29th

6am Morning Sadhana (optional)

8am Breakfast 

10:30am Kundalini Yoga

1:30pm Cooking Class + Lunch 

-pool/hot tub/relaxing time-

5pm Breathwork Ceremony & Sound Bath: Bring Journal & Pen

7:30pm Dinner 

9pm Tantric Movement & Ecstatic Dance

-Vegan S’mores-


September 30th

6am Morning Sadhana (optional)

8am Breakfast 

10:30 Kundalini Yoga

12:30pm Lunch

2pm Nature Walk (with optional micro-dose✨) 

-pool/hot tub/relaxing time-

5pm Craft/Workshop

7:30pm Dinner 

9pm Full Moon Cacao & Rose Ceremony 


October 1st

6am Morning Sadhana (optional)

8am Breakfast 

10am Closing Circle 

11am Check Out, Hugs (Aloha Oi, until we meet again!) 

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Based in Los Angeles, CA


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